All party board and party shadows occasions team keep each attendee(who has
purchased the tickets and going to) refreshed with every one of the principles and
guidelines by emails. For additional data kindly look at this link: https://news.gov.bc.ca/

The clothing standards are always according to the theme of the party. You should be able to see the theme and clothing standard on the banner.

Tickets can be purchased from PartyShadows.com and we accept Debits, Credits,
E-Transfers, and American Express. Please check our website to get to know more about our E-Transfer method.

Indeed, If the tickets are not sold out, you can purchase the tickets on-site. Else, you can be at the site at your own risk and can buy the ticket of a participant who
dropped or didn’t appear.

The tickets are not refunded once bought and if there should arise an occurrence of a dropped occasion, your tickets are as of now reserved for the forthcoming next or
deferred occasion.

Indeed, You can send an email with the field you are keen on, your work if applicable, and your resume at alisha@partyshadows.com

Indeed, you can book a ride from drivemehome.ca. And to do that, Kindly email at alisha@partyshadows.com.

You can email at alisha@partyshadows.com or send a Whatsapp message at +1(844)666-0001. You can likewise dm us at our Instagram:

Vehicles will be left at your own risk. We don’t orchestrate parking for attendees.

Kindly send a short email at alisha@partyshadows.com with the complete name,
email address, telephone number, and the number of tickets so the team can reach you back.

You should have a check-in form filled under your information which is given ahead of time to the purchaser and the screenshot of the accommodation must be displayed at the entrance with the tickets.

No, Outside food and beverages are not permitted at the scene.

Venue security can be reached at the hour of the party, from that point forward, you can email at alisha@partyshadows.com

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